Investor package

Each investor has a unique specificity, and Croatia is not an easy market. Specific expectations require the right approach to the investment process, tailored to the needs of the client and specific local circumstances.

  • We provide comprehensive investor support at each stage of the project.
  • We arrange business events and study tours for companies interested in Croatia .
  • We offer strategic advisory in the selection of investment locations and provide reviews of macroeconomic and microeconomic factors and cost drivers at each location.
  • We assist investors in the development and implementation of the timetable of investment projects.
  • We help to establish business relations and prepare a tailored selection of potential Croatian suppliers and contractors necessary to implement the project in the optimum way.

Our service includes:


Long-term relations with Croatian stake holders is key success driver. We assist clients throughout the investment process and much longer, well beyond the inception of a foreign subsidiary.

Our experienced expert team provides a list of attractive locations where the client’s investment stands the best chance of success, and identifies the optimum implementation track for the project in Croatian market. Once the investment is in place, we check how the investor performs, and we support its next steps.

The product includes the following components:

  • location advisory;
  • location review;
  • study tour;
  • after care;

Investment incentives

Croatia offers a broad range of investment incentives. They can also take advantage of tax holidays (income tax relief in Special Economic Zones; property tax holidays), as well as instruments co-financed by European funds. All support instruments are available on equal terms and conditions to foreign investors. We can help you find the best financial instrument for your new company in Croatia.

Business partner check

To identify a reliable Croatian partner, companies must have relations with and an understanding of Croatian markets. Our experienced experts pre-select reliable partners based on public data and business intelligence. To establish closer relations with potential partners, we recommend an in-depth review of the target.

Local contacts

A safe market entry represents a major challenge. We work with Croatian entrepreneurs as well as with public secotr, and can help to facilitate the selection and identification of potential business partners and establish contacts with local authorities. We offer an umbrella support services for our clients and facilitate their international expansion

through business missions, conferences, B2B meetings and seminars.

Dedicated business meetings

With a good understanding of the business specificity of both partners and an extensive network of business relations, we can arrange successful B2B sessions. Our experts organize customised business meetings in Croatia and abroad, depending on the client’s required business profile and expected forms of co-operation.

Business advocacy

  • We help clients to resolve current issues in their business in Croatia.
  • We offer mediation support, relations management, and intermediation in contacts with the central administration and local governments.
  • We conduct on-going monitoring of business barriers and develop comprehensive legislative solutions to minimise business obstacles.
  • Our team of successful managers will help to grow your business in Croatia.

And last but not least, we speak Polish and English.