EU funds. We started this journey 10 years ago.

On May 2014, Poland celebrated the 10th anniversary of its accession to the European Union. Since 2004 Poles have invested over 82 billion euros in construction of new roads, improvement of the natural environment, the development of high speed Internet, building innovative companies, and all of this thanks to the EU Cohesion Policy. The money that Poles withdrew from the funds has triple-exceeded the amount paid to the European Union. Primarily, Poland is the biggest net beneficiary of EU funds, the average level of the funds obtained per capita totals 8.500 PLN (2.025 EUR).

Poland has effectively utilized the opportunity that was given 10 years ago, and it has continued to use the means for leveling the standard of living gap, to significantly accelerate the process aimed at reducing disparities in the development, and finally to actively engage in the development and construction of the European economy.


In the two European perspectives, within the framework of the cohesion policy, Poland has received over 82 billion EUR – 14.2 billion EUR in the period 2004-2006 and 67.9 billion EUR in the period 2007-2013. In the period 2004–2006 they invested in all of the available funds. From the 2007-2013 budget they utilized 97.5% of the funds, which means over 66 billion EUR. Since 2004, the beneficiaries of the funds have realized over 186,000 projects.

Local government units were the biggest beneficiaries in the period 2004-2013 (34% of the value of projects), followed by enterprises (30%). The strongest expenditures in all the counties were lined up as following – transport, researches, technological development and human resources development.


The Cohesion Policy has played a key role in the development of the country, significantly correcting the years of negligence of development and reducing disparities between regions. Relatively high economic growth in Poland between 2004-2014 (an annual average of 4% compared to 1% in the other EU members states) and the effort to avoid recession in the years of crisis (2009-2010) is largely the result of the good quality and the reasonable use of EU funds.

GDP per capita in Poland in the period 2004-2012 amounted to 66% of the average GDP of EU Member States. This means that Poland has moved closer to the EU average by 17 percentage points. According to this indicator, Poland is ahead of the other members states that joined the EU in the same round of Enlargement.


  • Over 2,000 km of highways and motorways were built or modernized
  • More than 14,000 km of local and state roads were built or renovated
  • The length of constructed / reconstructed railroads for the period 2004-2014 amounts to more than 2,300 km
  • According to the agreements in the field of urban transport more than 2,000 public transport vehicles were purchased, and Poland modernized approximately 300
  • More than 20,000 local businesses received support
  • Nearly 1,200 R&D projects will be carried out, which would not have been possible without the support from EU funds
  • Almost 36,000 km of sewer and 12,000 km of water supply networks is built and modernized
  • 683 municipal plants for cleaning sewage water were built, expanded and modernized
  • It is estimated that thanks to EU funds, the number of employees aged 20 to 64 rose by about 800,000 people
  • Previously unemployed people have established over 243,000 new businesses thanks to the EU grants
  • 5,000 kindergartens and other institutions of preschool education were supported by EU grants
  • 55% of all schools in Poland have been equipped with computer labs where over 250,000 computers have been installed.

These are just some of the effects of the good utilization of EU funds in Poland. We are extremely pleased that our firm is responsible for a considerable part of this success in that country. We are sure that with your interest, we will be able to implement numerous projects that will provide new jobs and contribute to a more pleasant and an easier life in Croatia.


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